Thursday, September 15, 2016

"The Man Trap"
30 min
2.5mph, 2.0 elevation
1.20 miles
Walked wearing my work shoes -- the Naot heels

Didn't walk yesterday, and I am decidedly NOT beating myself up about that.  (Or at least reminding myself not to.)  At this point, if I walk 30 minutes a day for most days in the week, I'll be happy.  Work up to 5 of 7 days (or 7 of 9?) as a regular thing, then start increasing the time gradually until I'm walking for full episodes of 50 minutes.  Gotta remember -- baby steps are so much better than not doing anything!

Tonight I came home after work, scanned some docs for Carrie, and then popped in "The Man Trap" and started walking.

Plot:  The Enterprise arrives at a planet to do a health check on a pair of husband-and-wife scientists (and the wife, Nancy, is McCoy's ex-girlfriend).  They do not realize that the Nancy has been replaced by a shape shifter who can read minds, and who shifts form as needed to go unnoticed -- and who craves salt.  The shifter kills a crewman by sucking all the salt out of his body, then two more when Kirk brings a second away party down to investigate.  But then the shifter shifts into the form of one of those dead crewmen and is transported back to the Enterprise.  It continues its salt quest there, nearly attacking Uhura.  Kirk eventually corners the shifter in McCoy's quarters, where it appears to be Nancy.  The creature stuns and starts draining Kirk, Spock tries to intervene but loses in a brute force fight, and McCoy eventually has to intervene -- shooting the creature with a phaser, but only after it reveals its real, grotesque form to him.

Of note:

  • Uhura flirts with Spock in her very first appearance.  Heh -- I didn't remember that.
  • And does Uhura have a slight southern accent here?  
  • We don't see Sulu at the helm until the very end of the episode,   He's introduced in a room full of plants, caring for them, and then later sitting next to Uhura behind the Captain's chair.  
  • The first episode with the usual crew -- we see Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Rand, at least.  
  • Two episodes in a row where aliens mess with the crew's minds?  This is more Twilight Zone than I remember.
I have to thank Carrie Crow for the phrase TREK TO MORDOR.  Clearly, that's what I'm going to be calling this from now on!  

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